Work in Starset

Starset each employee, partner at the same time. All employees of our company can capture broad vision, care is taken be those that keep up the times. Employees what is expected of them and directly contribute to the objectives of our company who know the individual attain the goals.
Behind Human Resources Policies of such; a fair supporting the decelopment of institutional and individual human-oriented, creating equality of opportunity, there are differences in perspective to the perception of wealth.

Performance Management System

The Performance Management System; Company to develop high quality human resources, and devaluating each worker as a potential ability to develop, the performance of employees, the company planned and managed in line with the performance objectives of the enterprise aims to quarantee the practice is an imported part of success.
Employees’ contributions to the success of the systematic,periodic and measurable indicators, based on the evaluation methods; adoption of high-performance culture and expectations, taking into account the motivation of our employees, our companycommitment to increase, Open to development aspects of thedetermination, Our company is professional and personal developmentthrough ongoing feedback to support the primary objectives ofthe Performance Management System.
Performance Management System, an innovative service concept to the adoption by all employees and managers ofcommunication with our employees to succeed by strengthening the individual and institutional level is seen as a tool to accelerate the process of being developed andcontinuously updated according to needs.

Career In The Starset

Starset it is essential to the continuity of development, institutional and individual, all business processes are designed in accordance with this principle. Strategic goals and organizational goals with the needs of individualemployees Starset’s intersection of career planning systemobjectives are therefore of great importance. Performance Evaluation System, measurable results, individual success records, competency assessments, supported by internalinterviewing process, and our employees are considered for a higher career ladders

Starset Recruitment

‘Recruitment Starset; Starset aim of the recruitment process toensure the human resources needed by the company untiltoday, the growing organizational structure to take different responsibilities in the coming periods, the company Starset’s people to gain the summit will contribute to march.
Each application is evaluated in accordance with theprinciples of confidentiality and impartiality to Starset.Qualifications and suitability for the position of the candidates are evaluatedby more than one method. Personality inventory, general aptitude tests, carried out by competent recruiterscompetency-based job interviews, assessment center applications, reference checks are made carefully.
The company will directly affect the performance of our colleagues determined that the most important factor in the recruitment process is carried out on the basis of the principle of impartiality. Competency-based recruitment processcarried out in Starset candidates who want to shape the future of e-mail, e-recruitment sites, may apply to the internalreference system.
Starset’s to take your place in the world of dynamic andinnovative business recruitment posts on our website you can follow your resume Click here to fill out a job application form via post or contact us.