The use of disposable surgical drape sets and gowns are spreading day by day in the world and in our country. The efforts about patient’s and personnel’s health, made by health foundations serving in surgical and after surgical healing, extend to the choice and the quality of the bought surgical drape and gown sets by the foundations.
Disposable fabrics present very strong barrier protection and at the same time, provides advantage in absorbing and repelling and cost low in long terms when compared with reusable fabrics.

After being used, reusable fabrics(polyester-cotton) show minumum resistance to microbial permeability. When tought that, 10000 micro organism per minute, minute, mutually interacts with each other from the patient’s and personal’s skin throught air and liquid during surgery, the truth that the infection risk is too high and at dangerous level puts big responsibility to the shoulders of the health foundations’s administrators. Considering the energy and at advantage considered from financial angle.

Europen Committee for Standardization (CEN) also published the EN133795 standard in September 7 2006 to protect the patient and the surgical crew. This norm not only brings out many rules which medical nonwoven and final product producers should obey but also takes the reliability of the products as a base in each time or in each use.

The EN 13795 norm which is seperated into 3 parts can be explaned briefly like this:
1- Raw material producers,manufacturers and common informations required for products
2- The test methods which the products must be subjected to
ENISO 22610 Wet microbial permeability and resistance test
EN ISO 22612 Dry microbial permeability and resistance test
3- The performances in practice and the requirement levels of the tests which are determined in part 2
The disposable products whose convencience verified, cost low and at the sama time, with their high performances,demanded more and more by surgeons and conscious patients.

There are clear conditions which should be taken as basis to calculate the costs of the each two types(disposable fabrics,textile fabrics). What should really be added to the purchasing price must be the labor spent and costof energy till passing to the reuse process, quality control,folding,storage,sterilization and the determination of the losses. Considering all these, the fact that disposable fabrics are much cheaper is proved once again.